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The Band

On a Humid day in the Summer of 2022, 4 accomplished musicians got together for a charity event downtown Toronto. Performing songs that influenced them over their musical journey. The unmatched chemistry, energy, and sound of the group were undeniable, and MLC was formed. Since then, this tight-knit group has been working hard recording and rehearsing in the studio. With over 100 yrs of stage experience & 1000 of shows between them, MLC is primed and ready to take on any event!

Jesse Steele - lead Vocals

Jesse's great vocal range, stage presence, and rock n roll attitude surely delivers!

Michael Metallic - Guitar / Vocals

Lord of the six strings and monster guitar tone! Mike is pure old-school rock n roll! 

Matty Manganese - Bass / vocals

With Matt's low-hang bass take no-prisoners attitude and great backing vocals he brings the heavy metal thunder!

Joey Kobalt - Drums / Vocals

JK the engine that drives this freight train! Steady beats and vocals...sure to have you dancing with a fist in the air! 

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